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All Global-Tek Coalescing oil / water separators
Come pre-engineered, pre-packaged, and self-contained. No power source required on basic units.
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Global-Tek: "Taking wastewater solutions to the next level"

Generating good ideas and knowing what to do with them—that’s Global-Tek’s philosophy for driving innovation forward when it comes to the dirty business of effectively separating free and dispersed oils as well as: oil-in-water emulsions, settleable solids and heavy metal removal from water.

40+ Years of Research

For over 40 years, Paul Pelton, Owner and Chief Designer at Global-Tek, has spent his life’s work becoming personally familiar with his customer needs and the ever-changing challenges associated with the in-house treatment of industrial wastewater.

Changing The Way Small Businesses Address Wastewater Disposal

Today, Paul’s vision of bringing to market his customized, fiberglass designed oil/water separator which relies on gravity to aid in the removal of free and finely dispersed oil droplets from various petroleum waste streams is changing the way small businesses address their wastewater disposal problems on a daily basis.

With a focus on compactness, reliability and throughput, the Global-Tek system is available for order in a variety of customizable sizes and for greater oil coalescing and solids separation than any other single tank design available on the market today.

Ask about our convenient ‘Enhanced Mobile Cart’ based wastewater systems that are perfect for: marinas, boatyards, municipalities and other facilities that are required to treat industrial wastewater at low flow rates if more detention time is required.

global-tek oil water separator with mobile cart

Global-Tek enhanced 2 GPM oil / water separator with mobile cart

global-tek manual dump 2GPM oil water separator

Global-Tek manual dump 2GPM oil / water separator

global-tek oil water separator

Global-Tek SGPM Oil Water Separator

global-tek oil water separator creator Paul Pelton

About Paul Pelton - Owner & Chief Designer of Global-Tek

Part visionary, part inventor, part progressive environmentalist, Paul has spent the better part of 40 years developing, patenting and manufacturing what’s come to be known by industry leaders and major equipment manufacturers across America as one of the most reliable and affordable oil/water separator designs available.

According to Paul, “Because levels of contamination, size or type of particles to be filtered out of wastewater can vary greatly, it is important to choose the treatment system with the proper capabilities and methods best suited to meet the ever-changing needs of your business. As owner of Global-Tek and designer of each system we design and build, I am prepared to assist you with the specifics to insure the safety and compliance needs of your operation are met.”

So, before you get back to work and worrying about how you or your business is going to handle its wastewater treatment problems, call Global-Tek to speak personally with Paul.