Industrial Wastewater Engineering and Design

Global-Tek offers design, build, install, and retrofit system upgrade services for the following industrial wastewater equipment.

Dissolved Air Flotation Systems
Ultra / Nano Filtration Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Carbon Columns
Oil / Water Separators
Custom Oil / Water Separator Systems
Custom Oil / Water Skimmers
Physical-Chemical Systems
Vapor Extraction Systems
Chemical And Polymer Feed Systems
Custom Electrical Controls
Clarifier Systems

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Global-Tek industrial physical/chemical batch wastewater treatment system

Global-Tek Batch

global-tek industrial physical/chemical flow thru wastewater treatment system

Global-Tek Web Clarifiers

global-tek oil water separator


Typical Global-Tek industrial cracking system designed for breaking and separating oil in water emulsions

Global-Tek PH Adjust

global-tek industrial wastewater carbon canister treatment system

Global-Tek Web Carbon

global-tek oil water skimmer

Global-Tek Skimmer Oil / Water Separator and MYCELX Polishing System

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